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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  February 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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u.s. gdp. two, we aren't going to be able to make the things china makes more cheaply. take clothing about 40% of what they make there in china. if they didn't make it, a poorer nation would. we make things in america other countries can't. that will always mean cars and sophisticated high end companies too. too many companies say they can't find americans qualified for the manufacturing jobs they have. that's something we can change with education and training to keep america great. anderson cooper "360" starts now. >> erin, thanks. good evening, everyone. we begin tonight, "keeping them honest" with the wholesale destruction of a city and people who live in them. boston, turned into rubble by the army supposed to defend and not destroy it. as that army accelerates the carnage, men giving orders to kill gives orders to lie that
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life in their city is normal. that's the story the syrian regime is telling. here's the reality. [ speaking foreign language ] >> video taken today from the rooftop showing rocket and artillery fire landing, syrian forces bombarding certain neighborhoods, not military encampments or opposition gatherings, neighborhoods, artillery and mortar fire falling on densely populated streets and apartments and they said they can no longer count the number of civilians killed in neighborhoods like this one, too hard to get the information,
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because sniper fire is a constant threat, people stay put at home until there's no home to hide in. [ speaking foreign language ] >> women, children, fleeing their homes, their homes and those around it are literally blown to pieces. the shells are landing on homes, hospitals alike. this is one of several makeshift medical facilities where the wounded are literally smuggled in. they can't be taken to regular hospitals, activists say, because security forces are rounding up patients. there's not much safety here either. you look at a father cradling a dead child in his arms, remember, the syrian regime is saying all is normal there and elsewhere. that's the claim made by the state run media yesterday. it allegedly killed more than 200 people in about a three hour
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period. the next day, saturday, russia and china condemned a resolution condemning syria. and they called it a license to kill by one diplomat. that's exactly what it was, a green light to continue the killing, upwards of 74 dead today alone, the majority in homs. they deny what you're seeing is happening or blaming others for the slaughter. this is bashar assad praying to mark the birth of the prophet, mohammed. he and hothers keep blaming others. outside agitators, israeli agents, 65 roaming criminals, radicals. the common thread is denial. here's what his u.n. ambassador said to us in august. >> do you deny your president and his government imprisoned and tortured and killed thousands of citizens in the past few months alone?
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>> i deny categorically all these references to bloodshed and killings taking place in my country the way they are described by the media. >> we have seen countless videos of broken body and people in detention and being shot at as they try to get people on the street and we have seen protests after protests and live ammunition fired into crowds. are all of these lies? >> i have countless other videos showing exactly the opposite. >> that was back in august when security forces were merely using tanks and sniper fires merely stuffing people into cars and killing children one at a time. now it seems to be wholesale and doesn't give that diplomat the slightest bit of cover when he spoke this week at the security council. this is all he could say in his government's offense. >> mr. president, is there a
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sensible person to believe a given government would commit massacres in a given city on the day the security council is scheduled to examine the situation in that country? would any entity put itself in such a position. >> he's claiming his regime is a rational actor. not sure it fits that model. knowing russia and china would protect it. the video underscores it, would an entity put itself in such a position? the answer it seems, sadly is yes. we had a report from an activist from homs named danny, since then documenting what he sees in english and posting his videos online. he put this clip showing damage to the roof of an apartment while the building was still being targeted. >> they're standing on the roof. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> danny in homs, we have been unable to contact him today. earlier tonight, i spoke to another syrian bearing witness at great risk to himself why we're only using his first name, adune. the syrian government is denying shelling in homs, saying armed syrian groups are attacking residents. when you hear that, what do you say? >> people just commit suicide or what? this is stupid lying. i cannot take this anymore. nobody can take this anymore. if you know anybody to talk to these people, stop lying, enough, everybody knows you are killing your own people. enough for us. seeing them lie again and again, i saw in my own eyes guns, i don't know any arm ed thug in te world who owns tanks. it was the tanks of the syrian army.
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and the guns of the syrian army. i saw the army itself killing their own people. >> are plain clothed government forces. you're in damascus. what's happening there now? >> in damascus itself, it is just like, you know, empty city. after 4:00 in the afternoon, nobody in the streets. you go a few kilometers to the damascus countryside, then you are just visiting hell. again, what is happening in homs is happening over there in other places a little while from damascus. firing at people, snipers everywhere, everywhere, snipers. and tanks firing again at people there and people are getting
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killed. let me say one word. i think the entire world should be ashamed of what's happening here. everybody is just silent and looking at us being slaughtered every moment, for no reason, just for asking for our freedom. everybody's just looking at us like this, we are slaughtered. russia has gone for a veto, china has gone for a veto. the rest of the world are condemning this veto and what else? looking at us? we thank you. i want to thank the entire world for watching us so silently. we are getting killed every moment. we are not able even just to get some basic medicine to injured peop people. children are really hungry. i swear, children are hungry.
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no power, no fuel. it's too cold. is the too much, for god's sake, this is too much. you killed people for what? isn't it enough, you think we can stop? we go back, would you stop this revolution? if you want to stop this revolution, you have to kill 3, 4 million people. are you able to do so? you are able. you will not finish killing 3 or 4 million people. we will stay and keep this revolution. we know that we will not -- we might just face our death tomorrow morning or even after half an hour, or get arrested and die under torture. but this doesn't mean we're
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going retreat. this doesn't mean we're going to give up. we'll stay, even if it takes us just another 10,000 people killed or 100,000 people killed. we will not stop. >> zaidoun, thank you for risking talking to us. thank you. >> that's all right. thank you very much, anderson. now to slaughter and her old boss, clinton, upset at the china and russia veto and a senior fellow at stanford universi university. when you hear that man breaking down essentially, crying out sort of into the silence, what goes through your mind? >> i think he said it. i think any country offers such a poor reflection of what this man is saying, the world should be ashamed. not just the russians and
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chinese, shame to the rest of us. there's abducation elsewhere, by the turks nearby, abducation by the arab league and washington. washington spent an enormous amount of time chasing after the false mirage maybe we can get the russians and chinese on board. we should have known. when the secretary of united states says this is a travesty what russia did, we schild have known russia would vote this way and china. we just gave assad more time to do what he's doing. there is that shame. we live in a world where people suffer and suffer alone and die alone and no one rides to the rescue thus far. >> it reminds me, i worked in sariaf voe in the early '90s and it reminded me of that. people shelled and killed by snipers. what are the options at this point?
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>> i would second the power of those images. there are three options. the first is we watch this happen and it's just going to get worse and worse. between friday and today, it's gotten worse. they're shelling with mortars. this guy father leveled a city of 20 to 40,000. bashar assad could do the same thing. the second option is the most likely, that the arab league countries in turkey and probably nato as well arms the free syrian army, gives them the means to fight back. but then you've got a long and bloody civil war, talking about sar sar sariajo, you're helping them fight back. the third, the most remote but not impossible. the governments in the area
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saying i can't stand this. i hope this is being shown on al jazeer as well as cnn and they lead a humanitarian intervention to create safe zones so civilians can go some place safe and defectors from the syrian army can be safe. >> the idea the arab league would take charge of this seems pr pre-postserious, no? >> anderson, there must be -- we should have a ban talking about the arab league. people have this wrong idea during one moment moral clarity, the arab league said to the international community and united nations security council, go at gadhafi. we got this idea the arab league is a serious moral organization, it isn't. syria isn't libya, important to specify that. we're in this land and what emily said is right. we end up with a regime armed
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with what regimes are armed with facing its own population. interesting the dilemma and the moral catastrophe of the syrian people does not alter. last friday was the 30th anniversary of the massacres at hama? which is bashar's father? >> absolutely. the syrian people gave the friday a name. forgive us, hama. what is it, forgive us hove hom? and washington, i think we shouldn't accept this false choice we either have boots on the ground or we do nothing. it's wrong. there's a lot could be done. there is saudi money, outrage in the arab world. let's be honest, there's outrage in the sunni arab world. >> are you arguing for arming the free syrian army?
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>> i'm a big fan -- i never thought i would say this, i'm a big fan of the way if you look at the way bill clinton did kosovo in 1999, we lost no soldiers, we didn't even lose -- we lost two airplanes and recovered the crews. >> the syrian situation is so complex, isn't it, compared to kosovo, with so many different forces in the country and around the country. >> we're not going to do that. i do not see any way this administration is going to send pla planes to bomb demascudemascus. when we intervened in kosovo, we bombed belgrade. american nato planes bombed belgrade. i don't see any way that's going to happen now and i don't think syrians want that to happen. >> the other step of arming the free syrian army, i think you both agree on this, it's a small move, prolongs the bleeding for a long time. >> but you do level the killing field. this man is on a rampage. this man is in for the whole
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thing. his community is in it for the whole thing. bashar has successfully convinced the community it's his reign, the tierney of his family or the catastrophe for them. it needn't be so but that has the logic we have ended up with. >> we will end it there. let us know what you think on facebook. at twitter @at anderson cooper. three more races tomorrow. will any give newt gingrich new ground. and we have new polling that could spell trouble for romney if he is the romney and romney is fighting hard against this. later, a father dies, along with his two young sons, where the tragedy begins, but did it
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"raw politics." new numbers. good news and bad news for mitt romney if he wins the republican nomination. the good news for him, a slim majority think he would do better than president obama on jobs, economy and the deficit. the bad news, the polling shows him losing a head to head matchup 53-44 to the president among registered voters. 52% say the more they learn about governor romney, the less they like him. 60% say the same about newt gingrich. it may change for better and worse as the caucuses go on. three more contest, colorado, minnesota and missouri. the mitt romney campaign is fighting back hard on that and the way the questions were asked as leading questions. here's john king with a look at some numbers right now. >> anderson, on the other hand, voting tomorrow night is meaningless, no delegates will officially be awarded, however, it's also critically important. how can you say that?
5:21 pm
minnesota voting, ultimately 37 delegates at stake, will not be awarded tomorrow night but it starts the selection process. all four candidates on the ballot in minnesota. in colorado, again, caucuses. it starts the process, does not award the delegates, gingriching, romney, paul, santorum. and three republican national committee members as well. and missouri, 52 delegates, the biggest prize. the primary does not decide the delegates, caucuses later. speak speaker gingrich is not on the ballot in missouri. and gives santorum a chance for a win. he keeps saying momentum is important and he needs it to keep the money coming in. i will get these off the map and change maps for just a minute. remember this point. we're not going to actually officially award delegates tomorrow. we started with the win for santorum, romney, gingrich, romney. romney starts february with a
5:22 pm
win in nevada. he hopes to run the month. he would like to do nothing more than run the month, create the air of inevitability to dry up support for santorum and gingri gingrich. what would happen if senator santorum can take it in the midwest and take them both? no delegates in the state and a boost for santorum and blow for romney. that's what santorum is hoping for, wants to puncture the inevitability of the romney campaign and wants to convince the gingrich supporters, i'll be there when the election goes south and that i have the money now, bring them my way. >> senior romney campaign advisor, benjamin gingesburg. appreciate you all being with us. dick armey said newt gingrich is taking a second rate campaign and turning it into a first class vendetta. is that an apt description of
5:23 pm
the gingrich-romney campaign? >> a vendetta can do a lot of damage. newt gingrich can do a lot of damage and i think he is doing a lot of damage. i don't think he can win the nomination, i'll defer to my republican friends. he is hurting romney for the general election. the "washington post" poll, romney's negatives way up. obama's positives way up. he's hurting him in two areas, character, calling the former massachusetts governor a liar, straight up liar. that hurts. that will be echoed in the fall. i advise the pro obama super pacs. i know what i'm saying when i say we will have that in the poll. ideology has pulled romney away from the massachusetts governor he calls him to the extreme right, especially on issues like immigration where the general election is much more moderate. >> i know your organize has
5:24 pm
issues with the way the polling was done. abc supports the polling. if the economy keeps on improving, likability will become a very important factor this paul. do you think your candidate, romney, could have a big problem there? >> no. the truth of the matter shows president obama is an extremely polarizing figure. at the end of the day, this election will be a referendum on his performance in office. he's delayed the improvement of the economy. and all in all, that referendum is going to reflect negatively on him. what is true about governor romney is he's articulating a message of change and of hope in this country and he's going to do quite well in november no matter what the polls in the midst of a contentious primary may show. >> eric, you've seen these numbers. could they be a temporary blip? a tough primary, a lot of attacks flying left and right right now? once that's over, don't those
5:25 pm
numbers improve for everyone? >> i think so. i am no fan at all of mitt romney. do i have to defend him a little bit on this polling. it's rare you see a national poll you ask about ten questions how awful is this guy named mitt romney and then say who would you vote for, barack obama or mitt romney? when you look at voters saying mitt romney would do better on jobs and the economy, which is right now what this election is about yet they want barack obama, there may be something messed up in this polling. at the same time, due go into the general election and the economy does improve, suddenly, this becomes about likability. there's never been a poll out that shows the public dislikes barack obama. republicans may, i may, the general public that votes doesn't. you have ten months to define mitt romney as unlikable and newt gingrich is doing a very good job of that for the president. >> how much damage do you think newt gingrich is doing to your candidate? >> the truth of the matter is the nastinesiness of the rhetors
5:26 pm
inversely successful to the polls. and the truth is speaker newt gingrich has not been successful in the polls in florida and nevada. governor romney has gotten more votes than his next two competitors come wined in both florida and nevada. we now go into three elections tomorrow, in which there are no delegates selected. you have to take that what it is. then, there's a three week hiatus followed by arizona and michigan, two strong states for governor romney. this is a campaign about resources and organize. the romney campaign uniquely has the organize and resources to do well over the long run. >> you talked about the super pac you're backing or advising is going to be doing later on. do you buy the argument at all mitt romney is becoming a stronger candidate based on the attacks he's facing right now from fellow republicans?
5:27 pm
>> no. no. it's in the data. the economy is getting better. mitt romney is not. some of that is the attacks newt gingrich is taking. they go to character and will have a lasting effect. it's a not all newt gingrich's fault. newt gingrich did not force mitt romney to come on our network the morning after his stunning victory in the florida primary and tell soledad o'brien he didn't care much about poor people. newt gingrich did not convince mitt romney to say the $374,000 he made in speaking fee was not really a lot of money and didn't convince him to say he liked firing people. there have been a series of unforced errors by mitt romney that reinforced the sense as mike huckabee said four years ago, he's the guy that wants to lay you off. >> people are being covered 24 hours a day on a campaign trail he's been running a long time. people are bound to say a few sentences here and there that seem inappropriate or callous. >> or that they really mean.
5:28 pm
he is the mittbot 3.40. completely robotic. once in a blue moon, he drops that facade and says something he believes in. it goes right to the central critique of gingrich and obama making. >> if paul said anything different from that, i think we'd all fall over in a dead faint here. >> $374,000 is not a lot of money. >> you're putting me in the awkward position of defending mitt romney i resent you for. romney has improved on the campaign trail in every aspect forced to engage with the other candidates and one aspect he has not been forced to engage in a strategic mistake, letting him outside the bubble and interviews one-on-one. in interviews and q&as, he hasn't done as well. look how he started off being rich versus how he defenders capitalism now. he has long term problems if the campaign keeps him in the bubble. the goaling of every reporter,
5:29 pm
whether mitt romney or barack obama, they want to get him outside his bubble. he needs to get out of it now. >> stay with cnn for the results of the races in colorado, missouri, all begins tomorrow night, 6:00 eastern with a special edition of john king usa complete coverage and analysis starting at 7:00 eastern. look forward to that. still ahead, a father accused of the unthinkable, killing his two young sons and himself in this fire at his home. his final message, three chilling words the case that began with the disappearance of the children's mother. did the boys know what happened to her and were they starting to remember and talk about it? was that what was behind this fire? "crime and punishment" ahead. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol
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there's a lot more happening tonight. susan hendricks is here with the "360" bulletin. >> jared lee loughner, the man accused of killing six people and wounding 14 others including gabrielle giffords, will receive four more months of medical treatment. that is the ruling of a federal judge. the goal is to improve his mental state so he is competent to stand trial. the senate has approved long term funding for the faa administration. they will get about $16 billion for operations and construction. the vote was 75-20. the bill now goes to the
5:34 pm
president for his signature. prince william has arrived in the fact land islands off the coast of argentina for a routine 16 week mission but argentina is taking issue with that deployment. argentina and britain fought over the islands 30 years ago. the prince's grandmother, queen elizabeth is marking 60 years on the throne today. the diamond jubilee will run through june, no celebration when london throws a big bash for her. >> checking with you later on the program, still to come, a massive avalanche. amazingly, a snowboarder survived. we'll show you the video ahead. gy first, a father and his two young sons killed in a house explosion. investigators call it a double murder suicide. is it linked to mysterious murder of their mother years ago. one of the boys was drawing pictures of her in the trunk of a car.
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in ""crime and punishment"" tonight, a sickening scene. it began with a short message, three words. i'm sorry, good-bye. this is what josh pow wells sent his attorney before killing his two sons and himself yesterday. the two sons were just 5 and 7 years old. he's holding one of them in this video. all three indeed an explosion of his video. he pushed a social worker, blocking her from entering his home during a supervised visit
5:39 pm
with his kids. the tragic case begins more than two years ago when josh powell became the prime suspect in the disappearance of susan powell, his wife and the mother of those kids. the question is, did the two little boys know what happened to her? she's never been found. >> reporter: december 6th, 2009, the last day any ever sees susan cox powell, other than her hundred and her children. her friend has dinner at the family's home. >> from what i saw that day, looked as if things were kind of going pretty good. he was being very nice to her. >> reporter: shortly after midnight, he says he sees his wife go to bed and leaves go camping with his sons, 2 and 4 at the time in subfreezing temperatures in the utah desert. the next evening when he returns, josh claims his wife has vanished.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: do you have any idea what happened to her? >> no. >> reporter: immediately, authorities hone in on powell, interviewed multiple times by police and december 9th, a search warrant is served on the family home. december 10th, authorities begin looking for clues in the area where powell claimed to be camping with his sons. december 16th, after another interview, police named josh powell as a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife. he maintained his innocence in the c"cbs early show"? >> did you have anything to do with your wife's disappearance? >> no. >> did you kill your wife? >> i have never hurt her. people who know me know i could never hurt susan. >> reporter: january 6th, 2010, while authorities continue to search for susan, josh moves with his sons to his father's home in washington state. over the course of the next year and a half, josh and his father, steven, the rise susan may have
5:41 pm
run off with another man and always been promiscuous. listen to what josh's dad tells abc morning america. >> susan was very sexual with me, very flirtatious. i'm her father-in-law. she would do a lot of things th that -- i mean she did it, i did -- we interacted in a lot of sexual ways because susan enjoys doing that. >> do you think a part of you started falling in love with susan? >> that's pretty likely, yeah, i would say so. there's no question in my mind that the feelings were mutual. >> that same day, authorities searched susan powell's home where his son and two grandsons are living. in a bizarre twist in an already bizarre mystery, they recorded numerous images and recordings of adult and juvenile females. he's arrested and custody is
5:42 pm
given to susan's parents. but the focus is still on susan still missing and the parents reveal the boys, braden and charlie, are starting to offer clues about where their mother might be. listen to what the lawyer told cbs "this morning." >> they had gone camping. their mother had been in the trunk and later, their mom and dad walked out into the desert and mommy got lost. >> reporter: downing also told the "l.a. times" charlie had drawn a picture of his mother in the trunk of the family car. yesterday, according to police, powell sends and e-mail to his tore that says "i'm sorry. good-bye." minutes later, his sons are brought to the home by a social worker for a supervised visit. powell ushers his sons inside, locks out the social worker and does the unthinkable. here at the scene, investigators say there are clues josh powell planned this
5:43 pm
out in advance. he dropped off personal items, including boxes of toys to good will. he dumped as many as 10,000 gallons of gasoline throughout the house prior to his boy's arrival. >> joining me from the washington sheriff's office and steve downing, attorney for susan's parents. you say the items had been found inside powell's home and he had been planning this for some time. how so? >> we found two 5 gallon cans of gas, spread throughout the residence, accelerants throughout the residence and one was lit and why the fire burned so fast and hot. we also found he had taken personal belongings and dropped them off at donation centers and not only found one text that went to the lawyer but we found e-mails where he talked to people and told people that he -- giving them instructions what to do after he is gone,
5:44 pm
what to do with the money, what to do with his personal belongings, shut down utilities. all the planning of sending out e-mails what to do, the gas, locking the lady out of the house and bringing the kids in, the fire started within three minutes leads us to believe he did this intentionally. >> who are the e-mails to, if you can say and does it say anything about the disappearance of his wife? >> no. it didn't say nothing about the disappearance of his wife. susan is never brought up in any of them. one liners to some of them. good-bye, i'm sorry. some had information he couldn't live without his boys and some had information how to shut off the utilities or take care of financial things. he sent different messages to family members, a pastor and an attorney. having all that in place with everything, this is dubbed a case of double murder, he killed both those boys and took his own life. >> so sickening. >> steve, your clients, the grandparents of the little boy,
5:45 pm
parents of susan powell, i can't imagine what things are like for them. how are they holding up? >> this has been a very difficult day and half. they have met with some press today, but they are now in the position of having to sit down tonight and plan a funeral. >> i want to ask you about some reports of a drawing that one of the boys did while the boys were staying with their grandparents. apparently the stories one of the boys drew a picture for a school assignment which included his mom in the trunk of a family car. is that true? what do you know about it? >> that is true. what happened is it was a school assignment, they were supposed to be addressing, what the kids did during the summer. several examples were given, one of them being a camping trip, and then it is believed that that's what prompted the
5:46 pm
picture, the drawing of the family van, dad driving the van, the boys in the back seat, and mom, appearing to be in the trunk of the van. >> so did anybody ever speak to either of the boys about that picture? about what might have happened? >> it is my understanding they did speak to the boys about the picture. it is further, anderson, these kids, as they became more comfortable, as they felt safe in their grandparents' home, they did begin to offer additional bits of information, particularly when they were allow, once again, to be around many of the people that they have been kept away from, since their mother's disappearance. >> so is it -- steve, is it your belief -- is it your clients' belief, the grandparents the son
5:47 pm
surely was involved -- this was the result of the boys maybe being able to ultimately say that and he was worried about that? >> i think that was his concern from the very beginning. shortly after susan's disappearance, he very quickly and abruptly cut them off from having any meaningful contact with the boys. any visitation they had, which was only twice or three times in nearly a year was supervised by josh or his father. >> sergeant, the fact that mr. powell murdered his kids to you, is this basically a confession he also murdered his wife? >> what it tells us is that he had something to hide. what we're looking at is from what we're hearing now what those boys were saying and doing, it becomes our case, we have a double homicide and those
5:48 pm
boys were evidence. those boys were going do be evidence against him and that would be motive. you're looking at somebody willing to kill their own kids and, boy, killing your wife isn't that much of a stretch from there. this whole case has always take an different turn. i'm guessing it's not over. >> appreciate your work. and steve downing, thank you very much and please send your kcondolences to the family, unthinkable. our thoughts and prayers with them? up next, a virginia lacrosse player goes on trial for the murder of his girlfriend, who also played la skros and an avalanc avalanche. that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
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let's take a look at some other stories we're following tonight. susan is back with the "360" bulletin. >> a stern warning to egypt american aid could be in jeopardy because egypt says it will prosecute 43 people including 19 americans who work for non-government organization called ngos. they raided them in december. and a murder trial has begun in the murder trial of a lacrosse player of yeardley love, his girlfriend, also a lacrosse player. you have to see this. an airbag appears to have saved a professional snowboarder from an avalanche. he was competing in colorado,
5:53 pm
when she was caught in this avalanche. she deployed an airbag attached to her snowsuit, which enabled her to float on top of the cascading snow. >> amazing. i didn't know that was possible. never heard of that. >> something new. >> tonight's photo, lawrence tynes kiss the trophy after the super bowl. tom brady gets the trophy wife, the giants get the trophy. ouch. i knew i should have trimmed my nose hair before the game. your "360" t-shirt is on the way. the moment from the super bowl halftime show that has some people flipping out, flipping mad. the ridiculous. [ deep beetle exhaust ] ♪ [ door creaking ] [ dog whimpers ] ♪ ♪ get up offa that thing
5:54 pm
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including medicare. time now for the "ridiculist." we're adding this whole flip switch from the super bowl halftime show. it's been playing all day on cnn and everywhere else, singer m.i.a. did the one digit salute. yeah. that was it. blink and you missed it. here's a still shot of the moment that today has caused people all over the country to turn to one another and ask all sorts of questions, like, hey, maude, who's m.i.a.? questions like, should we blur the whole hand or just the one finger? it's been a challenging day for everyone. nbc and nfl are taking it particul particularly hard. they try come to grips with this
5:58 pm
national tragedy. the nfl hired the halftime show. we were late on the inappropriate gesture and apologize to our viewers. the nfl said there was a failure in the nbc's delay and the obscene gesture was very inappropriate. nfl blames nbc, nbc blames nfl, so much blaming at a time we should all be trying to heal from this devastating split second glimpse of a human finger. the television council is pointing the finger, not a bad finger, one of the other fingers. >> they chose a lineup of performers who base their performance on shock, tittilation and instead of preventing indecent material, they enabled it. >> with m.i.a. creating panic with her finger, a lot of others
5:59 pm
had theirselves thrust into the air. i'm just saying. she says she feels horrible. >> it will take some time. you could have shown us the pointer finger, pinky finger, thumbs up, i'm just hitching a ride to wholesome town, usa. the only other thing annoying was people talking about madonna's performance. the fact they were talking about her performance 24 hours later, she put on a performance. who else could keep people talking. remember steven tyler? he wrapped a couple bandanas on a microphone. madonna still has it. no one outside of nebraska got to see will ferrell's super bowl commercial. for some reason, will ferrell has taken it upon himself to make old milwaukee commercials for free but this one airs only in